The Lodge has also hosted many other events and personalities including politicians, members of the Supreme Court, professional athletes, as well as local teachers, lawyers, doctors and of course, the proud residents of South St. Paul and the surrounding communities.

There are many family names to remember, too many to list and risk the chance of leaving someone out because all were important. Many of those same names appear on our Board of Directors, and others still help to maintain our Lodge activities such as Sarma dinners and Christmas parties for the children. The continued joint fraternalism is the reason that Hrvatski Dom still flourishes.

Today, the Hrvatski Dom, also known as the Croatian Hall and better known as the “Cro” or “Cro Bar,” is still rented for special occasions such as graduations, weddings, company picnics, retirements, birthdays and many other events. By being proactive and taking advantage of certain business opportunities that arose over the years, the Cro has been able to flourish and grow.  Five additional lots were purchased to provide ample parking for events. The upstairs hall recently went through a touch-up while still maintaining its original charm. A private, fenced-in park with a large bar-b-que grill is included in the grounds. Games are available for both children and adults. ​Contact us for additional information on rental if interested.

The Cro. You Know Where It’s At.​​

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